Pokemon Tower Defense 2 – Look out the poke’creatures are invading again!

Sam and Dan games are responsible for the game’s creation, with Sam Otero updating it on a regular basis to make it a constantly-evolving game that has new content on an almost weekly basis. For these reasons, Pokémon Tower Defense 2 has a loyal fan base that I’m sure will follow the game far wherever it may go, catching hundreds of Pokémon from all five current generations along the way.

The format of Pokémon Tower Defense 2 will be familiar to both Pokémon and tower defense fans. The tower defense aspect comes in the format of the battles, which take place in a discrete section of land with a number of active battle squares littered around it in which you must place your Pokémon towers.

Your Pokémon towers behave as they would in the main series, though they attack automatically at any tower in their range. The ‘towers’ are upgraded by gaining experience points and levelling up, getting stronger and learning new moves as they do so. This marrying of tower defense and Pokémon’s levelling up and development process is the central beauty of the game.

Pokémon fans will be happy to know that as well as looking like the game boy version of the the game, it also plays almost exactly like all other Pokémon main-series games as well. You’ve got the aforementioned experience points gained through battle, allowing Pokémon to level up and learn exactly the same moves at exactly the same level as they would in the official series. Pokémon also possess the characteristic types of the main series as well, requiring you to assemble a team with a good mix of different types such as fire, water, grass etc. in order to ensure your team will be effective against any enemies that you may encounter.

Battles consist of either wild encounters or trainer battles, though both take place in an identical format with the only difference being the difficulty and the ability to catch Pokémon in wild battles.

The game also has a 1 vs 1 mode which allows you to take a break from the frequently-updated story mode and engage in a series of 1 vs 1 battles against opponents of increasing difficulty with a limited selection of Pokémon. Think of it as a challenge mode where you must win battles with your metaphorical hands tied behind your back because you are restricted to a certain number of items and only a select few Pokémon.

The game also allows you to trade and breed Pokémon so that you can expand your collection in a variety of ways. The visual style of the game is one of the most attractive aspects, and the original chiptune-style music will be a delight for fans of nostalgia. This is one of the best tower defense games out there, and as a Pokémon fan, it is difficult to walk away from it. So try number 2 now and see what pokemon you can catch and nurture!