A ticked off Shark Attacks New York

Sharks often get an unfairly negative reputation due to the relatively small number of shark attacks every year being reported heavily in the news, but with New York Shark bringing us shark-based mayhem on an entirely different level, it may be this game that is to blame for the bad rap the creatures have.

New York Shark is far from an ordinary trip through the city to see the sights: it is based around the absolute destruction of pretty much everything that you can see, and all to feed the appetite of a particularly hungry shark that happens to be passing by the waters that surround the city. Prepare to see the sights of the city, but be sure to see them quickly as it is your mission to destroy as much of the city and its inhabitants as possible.

As it has been described above, New York Shark from Mausland Entertainment sounds fairly unpatriotic, but its humorous and purposely over-the-top action soon causes nothing but a smile to arise on the face of whoever plays it. During the game, you are in full control of a shark that travels across the screen and indeed across New York City, and the aim is to score as many points as you can by jumping in and out of the water, using your body to smash boats and everything you can see around you as well as using your teeth to chomp on anything that doesn’t get destroyed by your body flying through the air.

You use the directional arrows to move the shark and Ctrl to make him bite down hard with his teeth. You are invincible throughout the game, so there aren’t any tactical considerations aside from ‘destroy everything’, making the game an absolute free-for-all with New York City as your murderous playground.

The game introduces a little bit of arcade-style silliness with various features like causing a chain of over 5 explosions giving you multiplier bonuses and causing a fruit machine to spin, rewarding you with more points if the pictures match up. As the shark attacks new york you also encounter a variety of different planes and airborne vehicles overhead that you can jump out of the water to reach and latch onto with your teeth; pressing the downwards directional arrow repeatedly allows you to drag these planes and flying objects down into the sea, creating further destruction and rewarding you with achievements.

You also encounter a variety of humorous features like having to catch a baseball as it flies overhead, bringing down Donald Trump’s plane, and biting off King Kong’s Head. There are numerous references to New York City culture, as well as giant octopi and humans scuba diving in the water to destroy if you feel like it.

New York Shark isn’t a game of depth, but it a simple game with a blistering arcade pace and instantly-accessible gameplay in which you cannot possible lose as you can in Shark Mountain. The aim is simply to travel all the way to the end of the city and score as many points as possible. The cultural and movie references are fun to discover as well, though the physics of the game are a little jumpy and the shark’s movement feels a little unrealistic. The graphics are purposely quite basic though fitting for the light-hearted style of the game. This game is pick-up-and-play through and through, and it does what it does in a very competent manner.