Is this Shark Doped Up or What?

I wish he was, then he wouldn’t be destroying half of new york in a rage never seen before since King Kong did the same. But then again even the big kong appears in this game and you get to knock the living s**t out of him too, so what more do you need to let off some steam? Continue Reading →

Walking Dead Episode 2 Game

It is easy to nitpick, to find fault, to make mountains out of molehills; but when you have a game that is as good as the Walking Dead series from Telltale games, stopping short on the sidelines for every little bump is an excess that is not deserved by such as well executed game. Part-digital movie, part-interactive storybook, and part-best-darn-game-released-in-2012, this 5 episode multiplatform title is one of the most dramatically suspenseful and involving games of its time. So, with that said, what is it like to play the second part of this Penta-logy? And yes, we made that word up. Continue Reading →

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 – Here we come!

There have been a huge number of Pokémon games since the birth of the series over a decade ago, with a variety of spin-offs and five generations of the main series which is soon to become six. The popularity of the Pokémon games is obvious through the sheer quantity of units they have sold, but it isn’t just officially-licensed games that are popular. Pokémon Tower Defense 2 takes the wondrousness of the Pokémon series as well as its format and works it into a tower defense framework in order to create one of the most popular and innovative tower defense games on the internet. Continue Reading →

Kingdom Rush

With the long-awaited release of Kingdom Rush: Frontier s nearly upon us in the form of June 6th, it is almost certain that the excitement and appreciation that was once felt for the original has hit an all-time low. Though the new game sounds and looks incredible and is going to bring to us a new range of tower upgrades and heroes to wield around the battlefield, it is imperative that the original Kingdom Rush isn’t forgotten about since it is where the series began. Its beginnings were far from humble, since the original Kingdom Rush as it stands is probably the greatest tower defense game of all time, but Kingdom Rush showed us that tower defense can possess visual style, hilarity, and an unbelievable range of tower upgrades that make the game impossible to walk away from. Continue Reading →